Top 10 Energy Driving Fake Mood Songs

Fake Mood Profile

Fake Mood is an electronic music duo from St. Petersburg, Russia. Viktor Petrov & Dmitry Kokhan united in 2015 to create their very own sound on a contemporary dance music scene.

Their style vary from charming electronica, shrouded with ethnic elements and surreal sound textures, to more dancefloor-oriented grooves, but the keypoint of their production is aesthetics and quality. Fake Mood working closely with top vocalists like Jinadu, Lazarusman, Aquarius Heaven and Shawni.

After a short period of work Fake Mood tunes are played by Solomun, Kollektiv Surmstrasse, Trikk, Serge Devant, Thyladomid & Karmon, Oliver Schories, Upercent, Florian Kruse, Djuma Soundsystem, MoBlack, Hraach, Armen Miran, Kora all around the world, from Ibiza & Tomorrowland to sandy shores of Black Rock Desert, and music is released and forthcoming on Get Physical Music, Exploited Ghetto, Time Has Changed, Crossfrontier Audio, Earthly Delights, Audiomatique.

We’re very excited to be sharing some of their energy driving songs with you today. Enjoy!

1. Djuma Soundsystem & Fake Mood feat. Olith – Oloro Nyager (Club Mix)

2. Fake Mood – Insomnia

3. Fake Mood – Not Impossible ft. Lazarusman

4. Djuma Soundsystem & Western – Kawahagi (Fake Mood Remix)

5. Fake Mood – Paramatma

6. Fake Mood — Drama

7. Fake Mood – Stoinole

8. Fake Mood – Breathing

9. Mark Alow – Azure (Fake Mood Remix)

10. RY X — Coven (Fake Mood ‘Morning Bless’ Mix)