Top 10 Best Whitesquare Songs

Whitesquare Portrait

Hailing from the Italian capital, Rome. Whitesquare has been proving his worth behind the decks since 2012. His keen ear for house and techno has him blending tracks from all across the genre, delivering a fresh sound and eclectic vibes from the deepest shades of house reaching the elegant side of Techno.

Today we collected some of his best tracks you should listen to. As with any list, these are solely based on our opinion. So take these with a grain of salt if you will. If you want to hear more Whitesquare songs, be sure to check out his soundcloud profile:

1. Kalyma – Red Man Calypso (Whitesquare Remix)

2. Kotelett & Zadak – Roadhouse (Whitesquare Remix)

3. Dave Seaman – Thonk! (Whitesquare Remix)

4. Whitesquare – Stina

5. Whitesquare – Visual Distortion of Reality

6. Whitesquare – Algernon

7. Whitesquare – Sucker For Love

8. Whitesquare – Dahlass

9. Whitesquare – Pressured Mind

10. Whitesquare – Stills